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December 1943
We are an AU Riddle Era RPG that starts when the Chamber of Secrets first opened! Lord Voldemort is still "Tom Riddle", and the school is facing a whole host of problems. With the muggle war (WWII) raging on their borders, and tensions rising, the last thing anyone needs are murders at the school!

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12/02: An announcement was posted here. Yes we are looking for staff! More information can be found under the link!

11/06: We have our first UPDATE. Be sure to check that out and let us know if you have any questions!


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Under here you will find all threads necessary to read before joining. There will be the site rules, plot, and other help guides to aid you in navigating our site! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the chatbox, or send a PM to THE SORTING HAT.

Plot • Rules • Creature Lore • Croatoan
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If there are any changes to the rules, Activity Checks, or spotlights being voted on, they will be posted under here! Be sure to check this regularly to see if there is anything new to know about.
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If you have a question, a suggestion, or feedback for the site, you can post it here. If there if a feature in this skin that isn't working, this is where you will let us know. This forum is guest friendly. Please be respectful in your comments or we will have to restrict this forum.

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This is where you will find our application, canon list, and sub forums to post your application in. If you are thinking of joining be sure to read the site documents and check out our WANTED ADS first.

Work In Progress • Complete
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You will find all of our claims under this forum! There is a thread pinned that will allow you to post to all of them at once! Make sure to check individual threads to be certain your faces and positions aren't already claimed.

Master Claims ListMember DirectoryFace Claim
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If you are thinking about joining, read over our wanted ads! Taking a wanted is a great way to dive into the site! It will virtually guarantee you threads from the start! Make sure to talk with the wanted ad owner to assure everyone is on the same page.

Family • FriendsLoversGroups & Lovers

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This is where your applications will be moved upon acceptance! You will notice that it doubles as your plot page! There are sub forums for each user group. Be sure to hit up other members to get yourself active - we can't always count on plots coming to us! So lets make threads happen!

GryffindorSlytherin • Ravenclaw • HufflepuffProfessors • CiviliansMinistrySt. MungosKing Pack • Magical Being
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You will find a sub thread under here, allowing you to request a member board. You can post trackers, or other various development threads under there.
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This forum is specifically for correspondence in writing. Keep in mind that for an activity check we will not count these for a thread, as they don't often meet posting requirements.

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The largest (not only) magical school in Great Britain, is located in northern Scotland. Hogwarts is larger than most other schools due to the fact they started accepting muggleborns early on, and tend to have a larger student body.
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The expansive grounds stretch from the Black Lake to the Forbidden Forest. They contain the school's own Quidditch pitch, and a rather violent tree that has been on the grounds since the seventies.
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The village of Hogsmeade is a short walk from the school. A number of the staff members have homes here that can be visited even when school is in session. Of course, during the summer months it is a quiet little town with a small community.

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Wizarding London, accessed through Floo, or the Leaky Cauldron, is one of the major shopping centers for the Magical World. You can get anything you might be needing here.
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The governing body in the UK has become the source of many jobs in the Magical World. Of course, there are others that hope they never get called in here.
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The largest magical hospital in England is the first stop of most people in need of medical assistance - just not the ones who have something to hide. There are still some who would rather stay out of their records.
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This forum is for more upscale residences.
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Smaller homes and flats in the city will be located here.
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Homes located in the country will be located here.

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For generations the old manion had been abandoned and fell into disrepair. Well, it seems someone moved in recently. While repairs are coming, it doesn't see much more inviting than when it was abandoned.
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Once a fair place to take a walk, the forest is now a common place to see werewolves running wild. On a full moon or not, most can agree to avoid this area.
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The strip club is a small building in Knockturn Alley, though it is a fair bit larger on the inside than outside. One might almost call it classy were it not for all the nudity. Of course, those are the people who don't know what is under the club.
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On the expansive grounds controlled by the King pack there are a series of other residences. This area includes other houses both for families, and group living, as well one building that has been converted into apartments.

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For many, the world is not restricted to the magical neighborhoods. This area is for any threads outside the magical world.
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From the United States to Japan, there are plenty of places to see. This forum is for threads that take place off the British Isles.
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Any place not detailed above would fall into this category. This would be for the rest of the muggle world outside London, or any other obscure setting you can think of.
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Some times we just need to develop a plot that happened in years past, or we can't wait to jump a few years ahead. This forum allows you to work out that development! Be sure to label the time this is set in in the forum.
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This forum is for threads that take place in an alternative timeline! You can change your own character, or play an NPC in the mainline! Anything goes here, but it doesn't effect the site timeline!

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Under here you will find an area for introductions, random chatter, graphics, and games. If you have an idea for something else you would like to see posted under here, let us know in our FEEDBACK FORUM. Let us know what you are hoping to get created, and why.

Introductions • GamesChat • Graphics
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If you will be awake for a day, or a week, let us know! We do not know you plan to come back if you don't let us know. Even if you aren't comfortable letting us know why you will be away, make sure you start a thread stating that you will be away, and for how long. You are welcome to give staff more information privately if you feel more comfortable with it.
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This is our advertising forum! It is guest friendly. We do not allow the use of doHTML in here. Make sure to post in the proper forum, and don't stretch our board with your image. No inappropriate images allowed. Our forum is 18+ but we do not allow mature content in our advertising section.
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If you are looking for anything, you will find it under here. We delete nothing! Applications are only viewable by registered members to avoid application theft. But you should be able to find anything you are looking for under here.

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Sending out our eternal gratitude to JK Rowling for inventing this world and letting us play in it! We would like to send out a big thank you to the members for making this whole site possible! We would be nothing without you guys! Thank you so much!

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