Welcome ! TYVM for being here (I'm funny! Laugh GDI!)! We are a literate AU RPG. We care more about well developed characters than a word count! We understand that everyone has a life, and we won't begrudge you for having one outside of here. Register with your characters first and last name in all lowercase letters. If you have an issue, we can always fix it! Members do not have OOC accounts. If you have any questions, let us know!

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we are an alternative universe - 18+ - Riddle Era RPG


January 1944
We are an AU Riddle Era RPG that starts when the Chamber of Secrets first opened! Lord Voldemort is still "Tom Riddle", and the school is facing a whole host of problems. With the muggle war (WWII) raging on their borders, and tensions rising, the last thing anyone needs are murders at the school!

& Updates
01/22: We just finished our latest AC and we have a new skin! With the holiday's over we are going to be sterner when it comes to activity, so be sure you are keeping up with your posts! If there are any bugs with the skin make sure you let us know so we can get them fixed.

12/02: An announcement was posted here. Yes we are looking for staff! More information can be found under the link!

11/06: We have our first UPDATE. Be sure to check that out and let us know if you have any questions!


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